David Niethe Coach | Track & Field
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Nicole Bradley

New Zealand Track and Field Athlete

3 x National Champion in Women’s Hammer Throw

Silver at New Zealand Nationals 2018

2nd all-time women’s hammer thrower in NZ

It is incredible how a little help in mental skills can trigger big changes in life and sport. I have been with Dave a year now, and I have noticed a huge change in the way I lead my life. I am now a happier person who radiates more self-confidence which for me was a huge issue. I have improved my personal best by four metres since working with Dave and I contribute a lot of that to his help.

Thank you Dave for helping me to realise that you can reach any performance no matter how large the world perceives it. The only thing that counts is whether you believe you can do it. I look forward to doing more work with you in the lead up to World Champs and TOKYO 2020.

Livvy Wilson

New Zealand Track and Field Athlete
Bronze in the New Zealand 100m 2018

Dave, Thank you for all your help,  It’s been absolutely mind blowing the progress you have helped me make. I’m an entirely new athlete. I’m evolving into the athlete I knew I could always be. This is just the beginning. But I am so excited to keep working with you and evolving even more. Your absolutely incredible at what you do. I’m beyond grateful to have your guidance. Thank you

Larissa Dyke

New Zealand Track and Field Athlete
60m, 100m & 200m

I first saw Dave at a Weight Lifting Mental Skills seminar, he blew me away! His energy was infectious, his bold nature and fearlessness to challenge our thoughts and make us better performers. As soon as the seminar finished, I approached Dave and said I’d like to book an appointment to help me with my sprinting and assist me to overcome a block I have around 60m in the 100m sprint – that was a few years ago now, and I have not looked back. Dave has given me the power to be fearless, the street smart attitude and the permission of myself to take control of my decisions to perform better than I ever have. Dave is a man who you not only trust, but is a man who you want to impress with your athletic performance and to never let down, the same feeling you have of your own parents. With Dave’s influence and encouragement, I have grown not only as an athlete but as a person, I cannot speak highly enough of him.

Liz Lamb

Women’s High Jumper

6th commonwealth games 2010,
6th world university 2015
5x NZ high jump champion
3rd at Aussie nationals 2016
3rd all-time women’s high jumper in NZ

David showed me not only the importance of believing in myself, but HOW to believe in myself. We worked  on the mental processes around my training and how to put these in to place to achieve results. He leads by example.