David Niethe Coach | Powerlifting
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Dan Holliday

2014 GPC National champ
2013 Commonwealth champs overall  3rd place
2013 Oceania Champs 2nd place
Biggest Raw bench press in GPC NZ

I met with David Niethe a few years ago hoping he could help me maximise my performance in powerlifting. From the very first meeting Dave managed to change my way of thinking completely.

I remember leaving the first session feeling so excited about life and what the future my sport held for me!

Over the past few years David has taught me how to use my mind and mental state to maximise my physical training and Performance. He has taught me so many valuable skills that I use in my everyday life.

Not only did Dave help me take my powerlifting to levels I never knew I was capable of he also helped me change my whole career around. Dave has played a major part in my success over the past few years.

Steve Hampton

Current GPC Powerlifting World Champion (Masters 2 100kg)

I am lucky enough to have been working with David for the last twelve months and the biggest learning for me (most recently) has been about keeping my attitude on track and how the words I use can heavily influence the quality of my performance way beyond my physical or technical limitations as a 47 year old powerlifter.

David has helped me to better understand the connection between my emotions, thought processes, language and my ability to consistently perform to my potential.

David helps me focus my energy into a sequence of appropriate actions that deliver the results I train so hard for when it counts.

Court Paapu

2015 GPC NZ Nationals Female Raw Powerlifting Winner
2015 GPC World Championship 3rd place 82.5kg Open Female Raw Powerlifting – Las Vegas
6 current New Zealand records

I have been working with David Niethe for 2 years.  In that time he has supported  me in powerlifting, my personal life and my business.

Working with David has changed my life. I’ve learnt strategies for coping with stress, positive thinking and goal setting.

The greatest change has been for me as an athlete.

In 2015 David worked with me in my preparation for the World Championships. I travelled to Las Vegas and competed against some of the strongest female powerlifters in the World and I proudly brought home a bronze medal.

Using the strategies that we implemented, helped me to stay focussed, positive and ultimately I achieved new personal records in every lift.

I cannot recommend David enough; he really has changed my life.