David Niethe Coach | Guest Speaking
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Dave is known for his high energy and exhilarating on stage presence, he has the ability to connect with a crowd and deliver a message that will truly inspire.

Dave was engaged by Place Makers to provide our Sales Team an insight into the world of High-Performance Athletes at our recent National Sales Conference.

Dave’s raw and unfiltered approach to breaking into an individual’s “limiting beliefs system” by challenging WHY we place a lid on our own potential, opened the eyes of many of our people.

If you are looking to create a shift in performance and are looking for someone who will call it as it is, and then provide you with some tools and new thinking to take you or the team to the next level, Dave could be the man for you.

Blair Page
Head of Trade Sales | PlaceMakers

Thank you for having me “Life Plus” at your Teams quarterly event.

Big shout out to Alex for connecting us all and to Michelle who is not only the Owner and Managing Director at LifePlus but WBC World Champion , Michelle “Pressure” Preston, for a great arvo with your team ..

Dave, you were awesome.

The Awards Dinner 2017  (Series Promoter Steve Brown’s initiative) was a first for ProKart and was designed to provide an opportunity for all to recognise and celebrate those who had been successful over the 5 round Series and also to enhance the social environment, away from the track, that is a corner stone of what ProKart stands for – Hard racing, fair play and always a smile at the end of the day.

We have a mix of drivers who have Formula 1 as a driver and as well as most who look simply to be the best they can be within the framework of NZ Karting.

Given our achievements Internationally, we know that many of our local drivers could foot it on the world stage BUT as you will well know in Motor Sport – money is king.

It is very unusual to have 45 karters sit still and quiet for an hour, but when guest speaker Dave Niethe – Mental Performance Coach took to the floor all were soon caught up in the address he delivered. Dave, who has been personally responsible in assisting Lydia Ko, NZ Olympic Weight Lifting team, NZ Breakers, Softball NZ and countless others achieve their dreams and ambition, was an outstanding and ideal person to talk to those who look to aspire to the top of our sport both within NZ and internationally.


You inspired a lot of our young drivers last night. Not so much to push “Dad’s wallet to the max”: but to let them see that they can  be the best they can be within the level that they chose to compete.

As an oldie, much of your focus also covers what is needed to be successful in life – let alone sport.

Look forward to working with you in the time ahead to tailor a programme we can offer to make them successful at many levels


Alan Sherris

On Wednesday 25th of November 2015 the Royal New Zealand Navy held a seminar for their junior sailors.

There were many guest speakers that day talking about a vast array of subjects and David Niethe was one of them. He was definitely the highlight guest speaker of the day.

Dave stood out in the crowd. He looked like a stereotypical kiwi bloke. A large and hearty looking character. Once he stepped on the stage he had already got the attention of most sailors sitting in the room. Then he spoke. Projecting his voice, you could tell by the way he spoke that this was his passion. He was confident, hilarious and so real. Nothing was sugar coated. He shared cold hard facts and a few life time experiences. He told us how he mentioned to his mates that he was going to become the strongest man in N.Z and they all laughed at him. Then he broke a record for pulling a crazy amount of weight, which pretty much made him the strongest man in New Zealand. That story taught the crowd about self belief and how he didn’t let his mates laughing at him get in the way of his dream.

He talked about the calibre of people that he helps and how he helps them unlock their true potential. The thing that caught my attention though was his recipe for success. On paper it was a simple four step process. Once they achieved what they were pursuing and wanted to carry on they could simply start the process again.

It was such a pleasure to listen to Dave. He was so inspiring that I reached out to him for help with my own endeavours. It’s safe to say that his help is slowly moulding me into a true student of excellence.

Thank you so much Dave.

Leading Chef Curtis Weeks

For our annual ‘Away Day’ event with our team at Zealong Tea Estate, we were looking for an inspiring and engaging Guest Speaker and we knew that Dave would deliver and more…

Dave’s style can only be described as real!

“Stop, absorb, reflect then engage. David’s style can only be described as real! A truly engaging session that cut through social norms to deliver a hard-hitting and thought-provoking discussion at all emotional levels. Passion, energy and the real truth was stripped back to the essential factors that define us all as people.


Andrew McNaughton 

General Manager 

Outside Broadcasting Ltd

Dave presented a compelling, motivating speech at the 7th Annual Backpacker Youth Adventure Tourism Association Conference here in Auckland.

He was magnifying!  Everyone in the room was captivated by his energy, enthusiasm and personal drive.  He was also pretty funny!  I would think that a number of our members walked away with not only a smile on their face, but also some insight as to how to achieve more thanks to some thought provoking moments and challenges.

Thanks Dave – exceptional talk!

Rebecca Annan 

General Manager 

Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association (BYATA)

We wanted our people to move away from being a passenger and to stop relying on others to manage their career planning; we wanted them to look towards taking Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility.

David’s style was very direct and in some cases shocked our people in to conversations that lasted well beyond the conference, and even 4 months on his words are often referred to when having career conversations.

I don’t know what we will do at next year’s conference as David is a hard act to follow!!!

Adrienne Duarte

“David has an extraordinary presence which immediately sets the bar of expectation higher while simultaneously demonstrating to each member of his audience a large measure of belief in their abilities and capability to achieve at a higher level. The ability to do this is unique. Key messages and strategies are delivered through education backed with story-telling and humor which is engaging and engages you. The activities to highlight key messages are memorable. Our team gained a lot from David’s presentation and we refer to his key messages and strategies regularly.

10/10 Presenter.

10/10 Educator/Coach.

Janene Cowles
CEO | S&L Land Development and Design Specialists

“Like a shift of mindset and an ability to believe my own capability and be above with the level of where I am right now”

We had a lot of business leaders in the room at our annual conference where we invited Dave to be our Key Speaker and it was great to allow them to push some of their own boundaries.

Anyone who wants a straight up conversation with no fluff, I’d highly recommend Dave, he is a straight up kind of guy which is very refreshing

Winstone Aggregates