David Niethe Coach | UFC / MMA
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Eugene Bareman

Head Coach | Co- Owner City Kick Boxing

David Niethe’s impact at City Kickboxing has been transformational. Under his guidance, I’ve seen our athletes experience exceptional growth. From promising talents to mental-powerhouse one-percenters, David’s expertise has played a pivotal role. In the realm of combat sports, where the margin between victory and defeat is razor-thin, mental fortitude is often the definitive factor. David’s methods have cultivated resilience, tactical acumen, and unwavering focus, elevating our athletes to new heights of performance.

Israel Adesanya


A few years before entering the UFC, I needed someone to help me get my mental game more Structured.

Dave was already aware that I used a few tools and had a good mindset, we worked on sharpening this toolset and incorporating NLP to master the mind more effectively.

Dave helped me learn to stand 10 feet tall and to believe in myself, I will always be grateful for his guidance and his belief in me.

Shot Big Dave

Kai Kara France


“Caged” Kai Kara France TV Doco

The man, the fighter, the father. Kai Kara-France is one of Aotearoa’s most successful sports stars on the MMA world stage. Follow Kai as he rallies in the wake of a devastating loss, juggling training and family life, on the road to prove he has what it takes to be a champion.

Tyson Pedro


‘I’ve been working with David Niethe in New Zealand, and we created this alter ego of becoming the Ronin. As I was walking out to the cage, I was the calmest I’ve ever been.

I’ve replayed it repeatedly in my head. When we we’re doing the weight cuts we were listening to this samurai music. You know that scene from The Last Samurai where Katsumoto comes in with his crew … through the mist and there’s dew on the grass. You can hear the horses and the heavy breathing and you can feel the fear of the men. I just felt that when I was weight cutting.

‘Then I stood up after I made weight  and I just felt that celebration. When I did it, I saw my opponent at my feet. It was exactly how it played in my head – that moment in front of the home crowd. I don’t know what’s going to be able to beat that for a while to come. The crowd was behind me. I did that for my people. I did that for my family and it was one of the best moments of my sporting career.’

Kevin Jousset


Thanks @bigdav02 always giving the best advice on how to approach the fight.
@ufc 293, we are on in 10 days bringing victory home