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Video and Podcasts

August 2023


The wonderful behaviour of Curiosity
Andrew Johnson
Communications Strategist + Owner Adjacent Communications Limited


August 2023

“Real Life Real Talk”

Deep diving into Mental Fortitude, self-doubt, Self Sabotage.
Jordan Earl
One of our most successful Trainers / Nutritionists within the bodybuilding  industry in NZ


April 2023

Jaden Movold

Awesome advice from my mental performance coach David Niethe.


April 2023

Mindfulness from the perspective of a mental performance coach


March 2023

The Best High Mental Performance Coach | Life Coaching Done The Right Way |Coaching Industry Exposed


May 2022
The Fight Dietitian
“On the other side of pain is a better version of me”

May 2022
Versus Everything Podcast with Rolling Russia

August 2021
Joe talks to High Performance Mental Health Coach David Niethe

about the importance of mental wellbeing in elite athletes.

January 2022
Jamie Milne JMTTv Episode 43
Tips for achieving goals, reaching your highest potential & living in pursuit of happiness.

September 2021
Real Talk

Chat with Monty Betham REALTALK Manaaki

December 2020
Kenny Desseault
Elite Development Podcast
Creating a Tenacious Resolve

April 2021
Off the platform NZ
Greg Turrell

November 2020
South Pacific Muscle – Mental Skill

November 2020
The Mind Muscle Project
David Niethe on Overcoming Fear, Self-Doubt & Anxiety Using The Alter Ego

October 2020
Creating a world champion mindset
Creating Israel Adesyana Alta Ego – Stylebender
The Fight Dietitian

October 2020
In this episode David touches on dealing with anxiety and calmness breathing and tips to bring out your inner ANIMAL!
Ange Wilkinson

October 2020
David Niethe on Mental Performance, building unshakable belief and performing at your best
The Livers Academy with Jamie O’donnell

September 2020
The Ali Channel