David Niethe Coach | Basketball
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Dean Vickerman

Head Coach
NZ Breakers

When you are running a high performance program like the SKYCITY NZ Breakers you are always looking for areas of support that can give you an edge and keep you ahead of the game.

Mental Performance coach David Niethe worked with our program over the last two seasons and was a key contributor to the 2015 NBL Championship. His ability to observe, listen and then formulate a plan to improve player performance was outstanding.

David Niethe has relentless passion & enthusiasm for delivering results and winning.

Mika Vukona


Five NBL titles (include 4 with SKYCITY BREAKERS and 1 South Dragons in 2009)
Current captain of the New Zealand Tall Blacks.

As a member of the SKYCITY NZ Breakers, I’ve had the privilege of having Dave help me and I have seen him work with the team. His work has been invaluable to the performance of not only just the players but the coaches and support staff.

My personal experience has been amazing. He has helped me grow as a player, directed me on a path of success and opened views that i had previously shut down or were unwilling to explore. Dave has really helped me become a better leader by helping me understand my team-mates a lot better, by re-emphasising positive and assertive behaviour and attitudes towards them and the way i carry myself.

The old adage  “don’t sweat the small stuff” is right up his alley. This attitude continues to help me be successful on the court as well as off it.

Dave is a great help and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Corey Webster

Guard 9

I’ve been creating this reality!!! Shout out to my Mental Performance Coach David Niethe. My sessions with Dave are full on and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It was clear that I was creating my reality and on the right path,  Dave helped me with my thought process and we worked on affirmations “any thought that I continually hold in my mind will soon seek expression through some practical means”.

We worked on having a clear vision for each game and having a proper process for visualising  my pre-game confidence, making plays, taking shots and winning the games.

Thank you Dave for leading me and allowing me to take permission to give myself these dreams and turn them into reality.

Alex Pledger  “The Chief”

SKYCITYBREAKERS Centre for 6  years
Four time Australian NBL Champion (2011,12,13 and 15)

Dave likes to call himself “The best coach no one has ever heard of” and he is absolutely right! I started seeing Dave a few years ago during a rough patch in my career dealing with injuries. He helped me to understand that although I was unable to contribute on the court the way I’m usually able to, I was still a vital contributor and major piece of the puzzle. He helped me come up with strategies to help me be in the best place mentally heading into games and also for getting myself back on track when things weren’t going my way during games. Now that I’m fully healthy again I feel my career is back heading in the right direction and I owe a lot of that to Dave.

As a former Strong Man Competitor and Current Masters Powerlifting Competitor he has real life experience of the pressures and expectations that athletes face so he can really relate to what you are going through regardless of your chosen sport, something that a lot of people in the mental performance side of sport don’t have.

No matter what sport you play, no matter what level you play it at, whether you are a young gun moving up through the ranks or a seasoned pro looking for a way to gain an edge over the competition, I am 100% confident that Dave can help you get to the next level.

Follow Alex www.alexpledger.com

Matt Freeman


NZ Junior Tall Black – NZ Tall Black Trials

-U18 world Champion 3×3 Basketball player

Ex Westlake Boys high school player: 1 national title and 2 runner ups


When I first met the big man David Niethe, I was extremely intimidated, I genuinely thought he was just going to make me use his bench press or something instead of actually talking to me.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to sit down and talk with this exceptional man. I have had many troubles in basketball with not being able to stay focused, not believing in myself as a player and being affected by setbacks when I shouldn’t. David to this day, has changed me as a player not only mentally but physically as well. He taught me all about believing that I can be the best and not letting anything get me down. He has made me believe in myself and because of that I immediately saw the  difference in my physical side of the game of basketball.

My work ethic, drive and confidence has boosted way above what it was before. I would like to thank David for everything he has taught me and I also look forward to all the more lessons he has to teach me in the future too. He is an unbelievable man with and unbelievable ability to understand and relate to people which is what makes him so successful at what he does.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with him.