David Niethe Coach | Seminars
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Dave is known for his high energy and exhilarating on stage presence, he has the ability to connect with a crowd and deliver a message that will truly inspire.

You will come away from one of his seminars PUMPED!!

Bayleys Real Estate Seminar

Great morning Seminar with Rachel Dovey, Regional General Manager Eastern Bays

and her team at Bayleys Real Estate, delivering clear messages to the team that lead to great conversations, an incredible group of highly motivated agents

Thanks for the inspiration feeling energized…

Having listened to hundreds of motivational speakers over the years I was very impressed and thought your message was superbly on point.

Bona Fide Consulting Seminar

It was my pleasure to introduce this group of existing and aspiring leaders to the one & only David Niethe Mental Performance Coach at Clearwater for an afternoon – what a buzz! #inspired #stepstogreatness #bethechange

Bona Fide Consulting

Pip Simmons

The Talk the Walk seminar

The Talk the Walk seminar is a seminar that was put together for high school students as a part of Auckland Transports Travelwise programme. The intention behind this seminar is to empower not only school student leaders but sports students and students of all walks with the power of conversation, the programme is also supported by collateral and AT staff with the goal to create change in the way themselves and their fellow high school students travel to school.

This seminar was the starting point for this new programme and when the idea was put forward to me I knew the ideal person to help bring it all together…. David. I had meet David and heard him speak when I was working at Rosehill college, he came in to do a 20 minute speech at the colleges sports awards David’s speech had that whole room silent from the moment he began till long after he finished whilst everyone was still processing the amazing things that they had just heard.

David’s ability to connect with his audience of 1 to 100 is outstanding and remarkable as I listened myself and watched the entire room you could see that although the entire room heard the same words for every single person in the room the words brought their own meaning, a different circumstance and or situation in which they can be applied.

The way in which David is able to empower people and give them self-belief and show the power is mesmerising and crazy special.

I would like to thank David for the part he played in the seminar he made it an amazing experience for all and I look forward to working with David in the future

Toni Humphreys
Auckland Transport

Community Transport Coordinator
Walking, Cycling and Safety

M.A.C Cosmetics

Retail Managers & Support Office Teams Seminar

“Thank you so much for motivating and empowering the team! It was all that I had hoped for and more”

“They all absolutely loved the day and the conversations carried through the night and the next day from your session.

Tanya – M.A.C Cosmetics

Softball NZ

Dave’s Mental Performance Seminars are Impressive!!! Our seminars for our Top Softball Players, coaches are an asset to all who attend and the turn out for the “Athletes: The Mental Edge Seminar” with 72 premier/reserve/u17/u19 players was impressive.  He is a very motivating and engaging Mental Performance coach  and the feedback I have received from his seminars within Auckland and North Harbour have been amazing.  The knowledge he has can be used not just within Sports or at High Performance level, but also in life.  I myself, as both a player and coach, appreciate and love the things he taught.

Stefanie Smith
Regional Development Officer
Softball New Zealand


“David Niethe has been inspirational, uplifting and a driving force that has given boys who have been lucky enough to encounter him, a huge boost in mental attitude. He is able to arm these boys with the right skills to be able to mentally carry themselves through the hard times on the field and look forwards positively.

He has an instant rapport with the boys from the moment he starts talking and they have always given high praise and feedback to us after each session they have  with him. If you want to be successful in anything that you do, having Dave on your team, giving you the tools to be able to get yourself through those challenging times and to see clearly and take advantage of the opportunities put in front of you is a no brainer.

He’s a top bloke and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone- not just in sport but in any circumstance where you need your mental game on point.”

Richard White  
Inventus Director
NRL Accredited Player Agent Inventus

inventus 2

Auckland Rowing Club

Our season had been at best average. There had been good improvement in training, but when it came to racing we couldn’t break into the top slots. It soon became apparent to me that our weakness was in our self-belief.

That’s when I got hold of Dave to talk to the team.

What he did can best be described as an overnight transformation. Dave instilled the girls with both the will and the belief to be champions. We went from being at the back of the final to being at the front. At the North Island Championships the girls had a thrilling race to climb from 5th place to silver medal position in the closing stages of the race. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They then went on to repeat that performance at the New Zealand Championships a week later, beating the crew who took gold the week before.

I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone wishing to improve their results, whether that be in sport or business.

Michael Smyth
Auckland Rowing



Dave is an absolute legend, the best in his field hands down. He has run Seminars for my branch (RNZN Physical training instructors), we wanted to get some tools and tips on how to push them through their mental barriers and limited beliefs, we all came away from the seminars  with LOTS of valuable tools and saw things with new perspectives. The trade came away absolutely pumped, he realigned our attitude, educated us on how our brains are wired and how to get the best out of the people we train.

Dave has also spoken at one of the Chief of Navy’s talks to the Junior Sailors which he spoke about “what can they do for the Navy, not what the Navy can do for them” it was a major success.

Marc Thomas
Petty Officer Physical Training Instructor

Royal New Zealand Navy

navy 2


Mark Michaels

David has been the guy I get for all our teams and athletes for that extra focus and guidance before competition.
David has been a top athlete himself so understands and relates to our athletes.
David takes the time to go the extra mile.
He is big in stature, with a big heart and smile.