David Niethe Coach | CrossFit
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Mark Michaels

Les Mills Arena Manager
CrossFit HPU Director

I have known David for a number of years and during this time I have been the strength and conditioning coach for Richmond and Pt Chev Rugby League Topside teams, plus I run my own CrossFit gym.

David has been the guy I get for all our teams and athletes for that extra focus and guidance.

David has been a top athlete himself so understands and relates to our athletes.

David takes the time to go the extra mile.

He is big in stature, with a big heart and smile.


Joe McCormack

CrossFit HPU

If you have a goal that you have envisioned and you need that slight push (or BIG push, if you know Dave) then BIG DAVE is the man to see.

His words and his methods through Mental Performance Coaching will get you there; he will give you the strategies to work on your mind set and strength to help you achieve your greatness no matter how big or small.


In our sessions, Dave and I talked about real things. I understood that he was a smart & genuine man, so I questioned him about some more personal things in my life. I have never doubted my abilities as an athlete, however I lacked in understanding other areas of my life like my emotions, relationships with people & living in my past experiences.

Dave talked to me like I was one of his best friends and got to the truth pretty quick. I’m pretty sure he’s well known for not sugar coating things. Well you will understand why if you ever work with him, he helped me understand what I needed to do in order to get to my ultimate potential as a person, which would ultimately lead me to being the best athlete I have ever been.

Would I send other people to see Dave? Hell yes I would, I already have and always will.

Dave genuinely cares about people, and has the tools and guidance to help you along your journey to reaching your true potential, in whatever that may be for you.

Turi Ward Holmes

CrossFit HPU and Ringside NZ Coach

Great mind with a huge heart and understanding.

Always makes you think about the reason behind the choices you make.