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Super Stars


Paul Coles is a busy man who runs his own successful business whilst competing in road cycling. After playing Soccer and tearing his cruciate ligament for the 2nd time it was time to find a sport that still kept that competitive spirit and passion alive,  he was introduced to Road Cycling and has never looked back.  He has an incredibly talented team with his coach Logan Mort and Nutritionist Gavin Clearkin, who keep him on track and accountable with his training and nutrition.

Paul Coles


Sport : Road Cycling
Sporting Achievements:

Rugby & Soccer from ages ago.

Recently  22nd in the Amateur Worlds Time Trial, and 45th in the Road Race in Perth.


What got you started in your chosen sport ?

I tore my anterior cruciate ligament for the 2nd time (the other leg) and thought it time to stop playing soccer. My wife was doing the round Taupo Cycle challenge with a friend (half a lap each relay) and her friend had pulled out and I thought how hard can it be? What I didn’t realise was she had changed her mind and entered us both to do it all.

Who are your sports heroes and what do you admire most about them?

Paolo Di Canio ex Italy and West Ham United Soccer player – he was extremely talented, had huge flair and was just a bit crazy. When it comes to cycling definitely Sir Bradley Wiggins, he again has that bit of crazy going on but when he sets a goal he has a singleness of purpose that is astonishing.

Who inspires you and what is it about this person that has motivated you to succeed?

My wife Linda, she is the most supportive person I have ever come across, and making her proud is important to me

What would be the ultimate achievement for you?

Winning the UCI Amateur Worlds Cycling Road Race.

What is your favourite food and what is your diet like? Do you have a specific diet prior to training and competing? 

Potato Chips, I am an addict, I can’t eat a couple, I will eat every one I can get my hands on. I have to go cold turkey and have none, I am about 200 days clean. Normally my diet is pretty good. I use a nutritionist, Gavin Clearkin who is great, and I dropped 4kg over the 3 months in the lead up to the worlds and was down to about 61 kg, and a total of about 4.5kg body fat which does take a bit of will power. Supplements play an important part too, as you can have quite a depressed immune system whilst training hard and dropping the body fat/weight.

What do you like to do for fun, do you have any hobbies?

I don’t have a lot of spare time with work and my cycling, but my wife is gluten intolerant and I enjoy baking stuff for her so that I can live my life vicariously through her eating it.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

First up, get a coach. Secondly Just do what your coach says, they are more objective than you.


How has working with Dave assisted you with being more mentally prepared?  What have you taken on board and implemented to achieve results?

I might be the guy on the bike but I am part of a team. I have Logan Mort my coach, Gavin Clearkin my nutritionist and Dave. Take any of them away and it doesn’t work. I went to Dave with 3 clear things I wanted to work on, and it’s fair to say that I am a changed person let alone cyclist. There is a point in every race where you have to be prepared to hurt yourself physically, Dave has helped me go deeper, and that started by changing my beliefs in myself. I can’t thank him enough, and as I start my build up for France 2017 he will be a key part of it.

Mark Graham

Age: 18

Rugby League

Sporting Achievements:

2010 – Auckland Football Rep team

2011 – Auckland Athletics Champion 800m, Bill McLaren Central Rugby team, Auckland Interprovincial Athletics Team

2012- Auckland Inter Provincial Athletics team

2013 – Akarana Falcons U15 National Champions, St Peters College 4×400 metre relay Junior National Secondary School Champions

2014- Contracted to Vodafone Warriors Academy

2015- Akarana Falcons U17 National Champions

2016- Akarana U18 Champions of Ruben Wiki Challenge, Debut for Mt Albert Lions in the SAS Fox Memorial, Auckland Vulcans U21s, NZ U18 Fullback

What got you started in Rugby League?

I was playing my first year of Rugby Union for school in 2012 and my mates league team was short a few players during the school holidays so I filled in for them as a favour. After that one game I got hooked on the sport and have played ever since.

Who inspires you and what is it about this person that has motivated you to succeed?

Definitely my Dad.  Growing up I’ve always been told how good a player he was and I guess I’m just motivated to try and do better than him.

What would be the ultimate achievement for you?

The ultimate goal would be to play professional Rugby League one day.

What is your favourite food and what is your diet like?

My favourite food would definitely be chocolate.  In terms of my diet, I recently saw a nutritionist and have begun eating more to try and increase my weight.  I’m naturally quite lean and gaining weight is an ongoing challenge for me.

What do you like to do for fun, do you have any hobbies?

School & footy tend to take up most of my time so I really enjoy just catching up with mates.  It’s a good chance to relax and have a few laughs.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

One quote I’ve had drilled in to me for as long as I can remember is ‘Never, never, never give up!’ It’s on the wall at the front door so it’s a reminder to me everyday

Having a supportive management team behind you is fundamental in your success, how best have INVENTUS supported you in your transition to be the player you are today?

I’ve known Richard and Kim since I was little, so Inventus are like family to me.   So far they have done everything possible to support me and progress my career as a Rugby League player.  I owe Richard a lot.  He exposed me to NRL standard coaching at 14 years of age and experiences like that at such a young age have been invaluable to my development as a player. Aside from sport, Richard and Kim encourage me in everything I do and we talk regularly. The fact that I’m now working with a nutritionist, strength and conditioning coaches and also Dave is definitely indicative of the work they do, in my opinion setting them apart from your average player management company.

How has working with Dave assisted you with being more mentally prepared?  What have you taken on board and implemented to achieve results?

In the sessions I’ve had with Dave I’ve definitely realised that my mind is a far more powerful tool than my body both on and off the field. The most important lesson I’ve learnt from Dave so far is to be unrealistic in goal setting, I’ve really taken that on board this season and the results have followed.







3rd U13 Koala Cup NSW – NZ Women’s Foil Team 2nd Wellington U13 Individual Women’s Foil 3rd Canterbury Intercity Individual Women’s Foil 1st Canterbury Intercity Team Women’s Foil


1st Auckland U13 Mixed Foil

2nd NSW Friendship Cup  – U13 NZ Team

3rd Canterbury Intercity Individual Women’s Foil 3rd Canterbury Intercity Team Mixed Foil Attended the Ultimate Fencing Camp 6 in Melbourne Australia.


3rd U15 North Island Champs

Attended the Miyazaki Fencing School Easter Camp in Japan Selected U15 & U17 NZ Team Australia July 2016.

1.What was the reason that you choose to take up fencing as a sport?

I started fencing in 2012.  By then I had already tried netball, hockey, swimming, ballet and contemporary dance.  In year 5, I was introduced to fencing by a school friend.  I went along to just give it a go.  By the end of my first lesson, I was hooked.  Fencing is like chess at 200 miles per hour.  You are sussing out your opponent, looking for their weaknesses, then, in an instant you have to move, aim, extend your blade towards the target and hit.  Your opponent is doing the same, so defence is about speed of footwork, parrying their blade away and a repost to hit their open target.  I fell in love with the sport in an instant.  In fencing we have 3 weapons (foil, epee and sabre)  The weapons are all different, as are the target areas.  I am a foilist.  My weapon is a stabbing only blade with a small hand guard.  The target area is the torso only, so when we get hit off target, no points but another nice bruise to take home.


2.If you could choose one person that has inspired you who would that be and why?

There have been a number of people who have inspired me on my journey so far.  They have included my coach, Olympians, other athletes and my parents, who have stuck by me every moment.  I have an amazing coach from Hungary – Judit Flizsar.  Judit has been to the World Championships with the Hungarian team, she knows what it takes.  Judit has allowed me to have fun and enjoy my fencing.  Judit ensures I realise my passion while pushing and mentoring me to continually improve.  I also look up to a famous Italian fencer; Valentina Vezzali.  At 1.64M, she hasn’t let her height define her, winning 6 Olympic gold medals and 16 World Championship gold medals. She is a true champion.  The people however who inspire me the most are my parents.  They are always there to tell me never to give up and reach for the stars.


3.How do you keep focused and prepare for competition?

The way I stay focussed is to set clear goals.  When I have those goals, I will stop at nothing to achieve it.  Personally I find training fun, so I have no problem training as hard as possible.  Before a competition, I play some music to get me in the zone, pumped up and ready to fight.  For me the competition starts from the moment I wake up.  I arrive at the venue at least an hour before the start of bouts.  It’s about warming up being stretched, focussed and switched on.  In the last 15 minutes before roll-call, I need a bit of quiet time to talk to myself and make sure that it’s not just my body that’s ready, but also my mind.


4.What would be the ultimate achievement for you?

The ultimate achieve in fencing is an Olympic gold medal.  To stand on the podium, with second and third place beside me, to bow my head and feel the weight of that medal.  To hear national anthem and my name being called out, hear the chant Kiwi, Kiwi.  Winning the medal is not just for me but for everyone who has a dream.

5.What is your favourite food?

I have too many favourite foods to just pick one, so I thought I would give you Olivia’s Menu:

A medium fillet steak, with pasta for that carbo hit.  A nice jus drizzled over would be perfect.  OK some optional greens…

To finish, an Italian Tiramisu, with heaps of grated chocolate on top.

6.What do you like to do for fun, do you have any hobbies?

I love to watch movies, read and go shopping with friends.  My friends are super supportive and make sure I stay grounded.  I am very lucky to have them.

I also enjoy crafts, drawing, baking and looking after my 3 dogs (Harry, Archie and Jemma).  Although I train 6 days per week, I think it’s important to find a good balance between studies, training and fun.

7.How have your sessions with Dave helped you?

Dave has helped me in many ways.  He has helped me with my confidence, setting goals, becoming mentally strong, believing that I can, and much more.

During a competition I always have Dave’s advice pushing me to remember that I need to focus, believe and know that I can win.

As a fencer I have a long journey ahead, I am privileged to have Dave there for me.