David Niethe Coach | Corporate Coaching
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Having Dave as your coach is an experience that will transform your life, it’s an area of personal development that is incredibly exciting.

“ I had been in the same career for about 8 years, and had moved up the corporate ladder, good rewards financially, but hours to match, often at inconvenient times, high stress levels and I had convinced myself that this was the life I had chosen.

It took Dave about two sessions to discover that deep down it was glaringly obvious how unsatisfied I was and my true talent lay hidden in a hobby I had discovered a few years previous.

15 yrs later, I have now completed a BHS in Massage & NMT, 2 X Diplomas, have been & currently am a lecturer @ Degree & Diploma level for  13 years and have a thriving business I own and love, with a team of truly inspiring & talented therapists, whom i send to see Dave also, on a regular basis. They too cannot wait for their next appointment!

I simply wouldn’t be where I am now with an amazing future ahead of me if I hadn’t bumped into Dave and stepped into his office! Thank you Dave.
DREAM IT … ACT ON IT … LIVE IT … OWN IT…the only obstacle is YOU!!!

Doug Maynard
BHS (massage & NMT), Dip CNMT, Dip TH Mass, RMT
Company Director
Lifestyles Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy

David Niethe,  is top of his game and a must see for anyone that is in business or wanting to achieve in their chosen sports or business profession.

Since  working with Dave, the beliefs I now install are those that I can achieve anything I desire too.  Dave takes you to a whole new level and helps you to take a real honest look at yourself and helps you crystallise your direction and will empower you with the tools needed to achieve personal and professional goals.

thanks Dave that is gold mate!
Brenden Rolston
Managing Director